POA Pharma is now a Galen company

Galen, the privately owned global pharmaceutical sales and marketing company, is delighted to announce the acquisition and takeover of boutique healthcare company, POA Pharma.

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  • POA Pharma Scandinavia AB signs distribution agreement with South African based Cape Medicine

    POA Pharma Scandinavia AB signs distribution agreement with South African based Cape Medicine, regarding SPC Flakes® and Salovum® for South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique.The products are based on the ”discovery” of protein AF, Antisecretory Factor (AF). AF has an anti-secretarial and anti-inflammatory effect. products are classified, according to EU rules as, Food for Specific Medical Purposes (FSMP). Approved indications are in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Meniere’s disease and Mastitis.

    Already there are there are more than 150 publications in these areas. Regarding Menieres disease there are two double blind studies, both showing significant effect on the symptoms.

    ”We are very exited to introduce SPC Flakes and Soluvum on the South African market. South Africa is a multidimensional market and together with leading gastroenterologist Dr Pieter Coetzee, we are exited for the future” says Richard Björklund , Partner in Cape Medicine.

    We are indeed happy to have this opportunity to approach a very exiting market. We believe that SPC-flakes and Salovum would be well received in South Africa and we are confident that Cape Medicine will exploit the market extensively and most effectively as well as efficiently,” says Roland Sandström, COB in POA Phama
    POA Pharma – The Boutique Healthcare Company

    Brief History
    POA Pharma was on the market March 2011. Today the company have offices in four Nordic countries and in US. POA Pharma works within nine different competence areas having export agreements with 30 countries and agreements with pharmaceutical producers in 11 countries.

    An Export Company
    Since 2013, POA Pharma have signed distribution agreements for it´s metabolic assortment in 27 countries; Australia, Argentina, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Holland, Honduras, 
Ireland, Island, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico
, Mozambique, Namibia, New Zeeland, Singapore, Slovakia,
 South Africa, Turkey
, UK, USA,
 Uruguay, Zimbabwe,

    A Boutique Company
    POA Pharma is a market oriented Boutique Healthcare Company, working in close contact with healthcare organizations, professionals and pharmacies in the 26 million population Nordic countries.

    Boutique is French for ”shop”, via Latin from Greek apothēkē, ”sto, rehouse”. In contemporary business language boutique is a specialized firm with a unique concept.

    “A Boutique is where you expect to be positive surprised when finding what the average shop cannot offer.“

    For more information please contact;

    Roland Sandström POA Pharma Scandinavia AB () and

    Richard Björklund ()

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