POA Pharma is now a Galen company

Galen, the privately owned global pharmaceutical sales and marketing company, is delighted to announce the acquisition and takeover of boutique healthcare company, POA Pharma.

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  • Interview of the month with Valdet Hetemi, Country Manager POA Pharma Sweden.

    Valdet Hetemi is the Vice President and Country Manager of Sweden in POA Pharma Scandinavia AB. He holds a degree in economics from the University of Lund with masters in Strategic Management and Economic Analysis. Valdet Hetemi who is a part owner in POA Pharma Scandinavia AB since the beginning of the company, is married and lives in Gothenburg. The couple has three children.He has previous industry experience from Vitaflo AB as Tender Coordinator, Controller & Logistics Manager and CFO.


    – I thrive with responsibility. It is very motivating and makes me strive to constantly improve, says Valdet Hetemi.


    As his prime requisite, Valdet Hetemi is a well-educated numbers guy, a skill, which is invaluable in POA Pharma. It is first and foremost finances and logistics, which are his responsibilities. But Valdet’s knowledge, financial and analytical abilities are also of great value when communicating with authorities such as the Medicinal Products Agency and the Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency.

       In addition, Valdet Hetemi has close contacts with pharmaceutical wholesalers and warehouses as well as pharmacy chains. He also communicates frequently with the international producers and suppliers of POA Pharma.

    – I work closely with Tina and Roland. We form a well functioning management group where my areas of competence are mainly finance and logistics.

    Valdet, everyone knows what finance is, but what is the exact meaning of logistics?

    – Logistics is the art of making sure that the right products are at the right customer at the right time, or that the correct raw material or packaging material is delivered according to plan.

    – Logistics is an incredibly important function in POA Pharma. As an example, we have such products as are meant for people with lifelong metabolic disorders. They must have daily access to our products. The logistics, which guarantee this, all-important supply is a chain planned in every detail, which simply has to work.

    – POA Pharma has not had any interruptions or disturbances thanks to a careful eye on every stage of the distribution chain.

    To be a part owner, how does that change the way you relate to your work?

    – It increases your motivation. At the same time I feel a different responsibility and am also willing to broaden my areas of responsibility and my flexibility.

    – As an employee in a larger organisation one can perhaps convince oneself that “this is not my problem”. As a part owner in POA Pharma you never think in that way. In stead you get a different attitude: “Always do the little bit extra”.

    – When projects are completed and are successful it gives a happiness and motivation which confirms that my extra commitment had an effect.

    How does your workday look like, Valdet?

    – Every day has its own profile and character. I have for some time been given relief within my main area of responsibility, finance. August Lenhav, my financial assistant has released time for more frequent and more in-depth contacts with POA Pharma’s more than 30 suppliers. Some of these always have questions about forms of cooperation, delivery and product questions.

    – POA Pharma is growing internationally, something that demands contacts with our foreign partners, in questions such as product registration and solutions of logistic problems.

    – Logistics is a web of threads that must be in harmony in space and time. I am, so to speak, the spider in the web.

    Logistics and service are alpha and omega for POA Pharma. In particular that goes for the products used for treatment of PKU, phenylketonuria. Is there a Plan B in case something outside the control of POA Pharma should happen?

    – The overarching task for a logistician is to ensure the supply of products at the right time, in the right amount, in packaging with the right language, to the right customer and delivery address. To verify that the in- and outflow of goods are in order, we check them every day and every week.

    – PKU is more sensitive to logistic disturbances and therefore requires another mindset and some other resources. The key word is reliability. We simply cannot miss a delivery.

    – The relation to the customer is built via service. This goes in particular for the PKU-products, and especially when this assortment is growing rapidly outside the Nordics.

    What would happen if we couldn’t deliver the PKU-assortment?

    – It will never happen. When it comes to PKU we not only have a Plan B but also a Plan C! But so far Plan A has worked fine.

    You also have responsibility towards the representatives of POA Pharma who visits and informs the health care sector. Tell us!

    – Together with my assistant I build up routines to support POA Pharma’s workers in the field.

       Connie Kerckhoffs in Hillerød, Denmark, August Lenhav here in Gothenburg and I serve our field representatives with everything from printed material and samples to statistics and data; everything to help their work.

    – Part of the job is also to keep wholesalers and pharmacy chains informed about relevant changes.

    – All administration in POA Pharma is taken care of from Sweden. This includes contacts with authorities, not only with the Swedish MPA but also with respective authorities in other Nordic countries.

    If we can go back to finances for a moment; you also supply the board with financial data?

    Correct! The financial information that August and I produce must not just be relevant but also give a true picture of the state of finances, it must also be so robust that the board can make quick decisions.

    – Now and then POA Pharma develops even better routines when it comes to invoicing, payment and financial control with so-called key figures.

    A great responsibility rests on your shoulders. What can keep you awake at night?

    – I thrive with responsibility! Taking responsibility is a driver for motivation and creates pride and power to reach even better results in my work.

    – No, I don’t lie awake and worry in the night. On the contrary, responsibility creates a sense of importance in the work. I mean something for our suppliers and customers, for management, colleagues and the world around us.

    – Responsibility also means the challenge to grow and develop. Curiosity with regards to new initiatives is a good trait to have. Testing and learning leads to professional and personal development.

    – During the latest time, POA Pharma has opened a new market every quarter. Every country has its bureaucratic culture. Being part of such an exciting, creative and educating journey is very stimulating. We build relations globally.

    So you have ended up in the right place in life?

    – Absolutely! I look forward to every day on the job. Already in the morning I have a plan for the jobs of the day.

    – Extra fun it is when you see results and receive feedback from customers. Job satisfaction is when someone calls and says: “Thanks for a job well-done!”.

    – We constantly try to solve all challenges but we are not satisfied with that. We want to exceed the expectation of the customer. That is a very powerful way to work, Valdet Hetemi ends.


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