POA Pharma is now a Galen company

Galen, the privately owned global pharmaceutical sales and marketing company, is delighted to announce the acquisition and takeover of boutique healthcare company, POA Pharma.

  • ”The heart is a pump.” William Harvey’s discovery hit like a bomb in 1628.

    The contemporary researchers, although in different fields, the astronomer Galileo Galilei (1564 -1642) and the physician William Harvey both challenged the established, “eternal truths”.

        Galilei saw more through his tube than the Catholic Church could tolerate. Hell broke loose and Galilei had to go to Rome and was forced to recant.

        William Harvey claimed that the heart is a muscle pumping the blood to the organs of the body. With this statement he broke with the current medical tradition and practice based on two thousand years old non-scientific ideas.

        A new era of medicine was initiated, soon generally accepted.

    – Many books are written about William Harvey and his influence on medicine and medical research. The biography I will recommend is “The Life of William Harvey” by Geoffery Keynes Kt.

    – William Harvey is St Barts most prominent physician all times. He operated, researched and issued hospital order rules.




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