• Children’s hearing rescued by tympanostomy tubes

    Children are frequent visitors to Dr. Harald Miljeteigs ENT clinic.

    – Children from the age of one and up have frequent ear problems. About eight out of ten children in the age of one to six years have ear infections at least once. In the majority the problem goes away by itself. But in one out of ten it is sustained for a long time; the child becomes impaired in hearing and the problem can persist for several months.

    – The ear canal in children is anatomically narrow and infections and inflammations easily arise after colds or frequent swimming.

    – For the children who get otitis with fluid in the middle ear and thereby impaired hearing, we are inclined to insert a tube as quickly as possible, in order to create artificial ventilation.

    – In former times a “wait and see” approach was more common but now we are eager to quickly break the vicious circle of poor hearing – poor learning in school, Harald Miljeteig says.

    – Children with running ears and tympanostomy tubes are my primary target group for Cetraxal Comp. The reason being that the drug is not ototoxic.


    Tympanostomy tubes in the ear


    By ear inflammation, bacteria have been able to take over the mucous membrane of the middle ear and an inflammation has arisen and the middle ear is filled with pus.

       When fluid or pus builds in the middle ear the eardrum which is adjacent to the middle ear cannot move as it is used to. This causes the deterioration in hearing.

       In case of ear infections a little tube can be inserted. The tube is fixed in the eardrum and enables air to reach the middle ear; hearing improves. Children who often get ear inflammations can also receive a tube and thus lower the risk for new infections.

       The tube is usually released from the ear drum within a year and the hole in the ear drum heals again. By recurrent problems the patient may need a reoperation.

       In Sweden about 10,000 are given tympanostomy tubes every year. In Norway the number is about 4,500.


    Southern holidays – beware!

    Every year thousands of families flee the Nordic climate – well, this year we had a great summer – to sunbathe and swim in the Mediterranean, Thailand or Florida.

    – It is not unusual that the child’s frequent bathing in pools filled with bacteria rich water causes ear inflammation. It can mean a ban from swimming, crying and altered holiday plans.

    – The family who plans ahead will have an effective drug such as Cetraxal Comp in the travel pharmacy, in order to quickly treat ear problems that arise when on holiday abroad, Dr Miljeteig suggests.


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