POA Pharma is now a Galen company

Galen, the privately owned global pharmaceutical sales and marketing company, is delighted to announce the acquisition and takeover of boutique healthcare company, POA Pharma.

  • Interview of the month: Pontus Bergman adds an outside perspective on legal and strategic matters

    IMG_3953-300x294Pontus Bergman is a corporate lawyer and member of the board in POA Pharma Scandinavia AB.

    – I am responsible for the legal documents of the company. It means that I review the contracts and agreements of POA Pharma from a legal and corporate perspective. As part of my work I am also responsible for tax issues being handled correctly.

    Pontus Bergman is a partner in Bergman & Eek Advokat AB in Lund.

    Pontus Bergman adds an outside perspective on legal and strategic matters.
    As a corporate lawyer my speciality is to work closely with the owners in owner-managed companies, Pontus Bergman says.
    – That position, among other things, entails many strategy questions. With one foot planted in corporate law and the other in strategic decision making my work in a positive sense becomes ”cross borders”.
    – The work of the board of directors is made more efficient not by separating corporate law and strategy, but rather by joining them.

    Outside perspective
    Pontus Bergman lacks experience from the pharmaceutical world. But he thinks it is beyond doubt, that an outsider’s perspective has its advantages when working on the board of directors.
    Pontus Bergman gives an example, which is the case of the wrongful withdrawal of a reimbursement from one of POA Pharma’s Rx drugs by the Swedish TLV.
    – I remembered a similar case from another line of business and started a legal process, which we won. For once, the TLV lost and POA Pharma’s drug was given back its reimbursement.

    You are certainly part of the team, but if you consider POA Pharma from the outside, what do you see?
    – The first thing I see is a successful company. That is primarily due to the management of Roland Sandström and Tina Madsen Sandström who have a substantive knowledge of the business area and unique abilities in the building of global networks. At the same time they possess very detailed knowledge about all the basic facts, documentation and other demands that the authorities of different countries demand – and these authorities are given immediate replies. POA Pharma is exporting to more than 50 countries.
    – Another winning concept is the closeness of POA Pharma to the Nordic market, that is, POA Pharma as Boutique. Costumers meet a knowledgeable employee who knows the products in and out; who can answers all questions in a timely manner. This direct, sales promoting dialogue with the Nordic market is a strength that management can refer to in its conversations with international contacts. The message: “POA Pharma knows the market” is strong and hits home.
    – The success of POA Pharma is promoted by an additional factor: the absence of a heavy organisation with several layers of decision makers. POA Pharma has not increased in numbers of employees despite an increase in turnover and profitability. Stable expansion with the existing organization creates a great platform for continued development.

    Dynamism and enthusiasm
    Pontus Bergman reveals, that before he entered POA Pharma, he associated the word pharmaceutical company with giant international manufacturing corporations.
    – POA Pharma is an example of the opposite – a small flexible company with short decision processes and a solid market expertise. It is very nice to see up close a dynamic company like POA Pharma which is run by people with great competence and enthusiasm – a company that has an important role in the introduction of new products for the promotion of health care and in the resuscitation of older products that are effective, but have been almost forgotten.
    – I am proud to be a part of team POA Pharma, Pontus Bergman ends.



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